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how i can organize my time effectively and be balanced?

Hi, Ali, thanks for writing!  1. write a list of goals for your life, such as treat a particular ailment, get married, get a college degree, etc.  Break them down into steps, if possible.  Base a lot of your daily goals on these.  2. every day, write a list of goals for that day--long term (from step 1 above), broken down into small steps that can be done in a day, as well as short term (a purchase, phone call, etc.)  Prioritize them into A-vital (do all of these), B-important (do as many as possible), C-some importance, and D-can be eliminated.  Check undone goals from the previous day when planning the next-some may be prioritized differently.  3. see other time-management ideas at All Experts for other help or questions on specific problems.  4. reward yourself when an unpleasant task is completed. 5. Use a notebook, Day Timer, or electronic device for these plans, that will go with you EVERYWHERE.  Write anytime for any questions.

Managing Your Time Effectively

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