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Hello sir

In class 8th  maths there are 8 chapters and i only have 33 days left how i prepare one month is left but in school 3 chapters teaching is not finished and i can't grasp concepts quickly

What i do how i practice
please provide me a way

Sir please dont give me any time table please only tell  me how can i finish in just 33 days and please and i want to finish all 8 chapters and i wnat to understand all 8th chapters please provide me a way.


Hi, thanks for writing. 1. take a chapter about every 3 days.  Read it, and do any exercises in the chapter.  If you don't understand anything, ask your teacher before moving on.  2. Underline or take notes on anything you may forget.  3. Each week, review the notes on the material you covered that week.  4. At the end of about 26 or 27 days, you should have it completed.  Use the last few days to again review your notes or underlined material.  Write me anytime you need further help or have any questions.

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