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I have over 100 college credits completed in general studies; and I speak foreign language. I am looking for work that does not requires experience, I want to continue my education, but I am undecided what to choose, I don't like taking any science, math,  laboratory, or machine training. I love serenity and quiet environments, and I need something that will allow me to enter work without previous experience and with just college education. I lived in Michigan for 11 years and I had very bad luck with jobs because everything here requires several years experience I am thinking about relocation, so please provide me with necessary contact information and details.


Hi Sam,

I'm afraid I cannot help with that, since I deal primarily with Managing Time. I can, however, direct you to another expert category that can help you, here is the link:

Just put that in your browser and find someone that deals with career planning or job searching. Someone there will be better prepared to help you.

Good luck with your job search.


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I am a first-year college student in New York City. In high school, I managed a full load of classes, volunteering at a local hospital's emergency ward, and two part-time jobs. Without using my homemade recipes for managing my time, I might have not made it to college in the world's most thriving metropolis. I continue to use my positive outlook and time managing skills while majoring in Finance, minoring in Pre-Law, and working part-time.

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