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James wrote at 2012-11-17 16:31:12
Just wanted to say thank you for the answer above. I too had heard the Manilow version and having just heard a clip from Eric Carmen's song it sounded similar but not the same. I decided to look in to it. A quick web search brought me to your answer already researched and presented! So many thanks for sharing your findings.

JC wrote at 2013-03-09 10:20:02
Here's something else to consider in the mix.  Sarah Brightman's 1989 album _The Songs that Got Away_, produced by Andrew Lloyd Webber, is a collection of obscure show tunes (songs that were cut from successful shows, songs from unsuccessful shows, etc.)  One of the songs is "If I ever Fall in Love Again," by Peter Greenwell and Peter Wildeblood, from a 1959 musical called _The Crooked Mile_ (see  It *also* has a similar topic, lyric, meter and melody, and I've long figured Barry got his song from *that* song.


Zach W. wrote at 2016-07-21 15:01:29
Actually, it's Rachmaninoff piano concerto no. 2 (adagio) that inspired Eric Carmen's "All By Myself" and subsequently appears to have also inspired Barry Manilow's "If I Should Love Again."  The symphony no. 2 adagio passage, however, also appears in songs by both composers: Carmen's "Never Gonna Fall In Love Again" and Manilow's "When October Goes" (with lyrics by Johnny Mercer).  In fact, Carmen purposely borrowed the melody under the mistaken assumption that Rachmaninoff's music was in the public domain.  I don't recall if Manilow ever made the same admission, even though it appears that he borrowed it twice.

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