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Manilow, Barry/April Pittsburgh Proposal?


I know that this sounds crazy, but I'd really like Mr. Manilow to take part in my marriage proposal which will happen the evening of his concert on April 19th in Pittsburgh. I would like to send him the following letter or e-mail (or both) but I don't know how to go about doing that. I tried with two addresses that I found, and they both returned to sender :(

Could you help a girl out? Here's my letter. Thank you Laurie for checking this out! :)

"Dear Mr. Manilow,

         My name is Michelle and I am writing to you on behalf of my
girlfriend, Tracy. For her birthday, I purchased tickets to your April 2013
concert in Pittsburgh, Pa. While she was in college, Tracy attended one of
your concerts with a friend. A long time fan, Tracy had her fingers crossed
that she would be called to join you on stage. Much to Tracy's dismay, the
girl in the row ahead of her was selected to join you, leaving Tracy in the
cold. She still talks about her disappointment to this day.

         I would like to propose marriage to Tracy on the evening of
your concert; she is my soul mate and I want to spend the rest of my life
with her. She is a caring and kind person who has grown up loving your
music. I was wondering if it would be at all possible for you to call me
(seat location removed for privacy reasons) up on stage while youíre performing at this
concert so that I could say, *'Iím not the one who belongs on this stage
with you, Mr. Manilow, but I know the person who does. Tracy Lynn, will you
marry me?'*  If she accepts my proposal, you could sing her favorite song
while we're on stage. Itís all an incredible dream of mine, and I am hoping
that you will take it into consideration to help make Tracyís dreams come
true as well. If this is too complicated, Iíd love you to be a part of my
proposal to Tracy on this night in any way possible. Thank you for reading
my letter!

Take care,

Hello, Michelle!

Thank you for contacting me through All Experts.  Thank you for sharing your story with me, and how you would like to propose to her at Barry's upcoming concert in Pittsburgh.  My best suggestion is that you write a letter to Barry in care of his fan club at the address below.  I cannot guarantee what kind of response you will get, but this is your best option.  Also, I attended a Barry Manilow concert in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Valentine's Day 2002, and a guy proposed to his girlfriend during the show.  Barry read the letter he got from the man who wanted to propose to his girlfriend.  Then he sang "The Best of Me" for the newly engaged couple as they danced.  It was a beautiful moment indeed!

Take care and all the best!


Laurie :)

Here is the address where you an write to Barry:

Mr. Barry Manilow
8295 S. La Cienga Boulevard
Inglewood, CA  90301  

Manilow, Barry

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