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Hello, John. I bet you are surprised to hear from me again.  The end of last  year was so  busy for me. I  had to go into hospital at the end of   September for  a small op, but I am alright now. I am sorry I suddenly stopped Emailing you.

I hope you are alright. I  have  thought about you and wondered how you are.

I  have bought  a laptop, which I keep  at my parents, so I will be able to Email you from there.

Maybe I will  hear from you soon.

Take care, Susan

Hello, Happy New Year!

Glad to hear you're okay. How long were you in the Hospital?

Here in America, we're about a week away from Barry's 7-week Broadway show. I live in Texas, still, so I can't make it just yet. Still hoping I get a chance.   Cheers!   --JB

Manilow, Barry

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I can answer almost any question about Barry`s music and videos: Content, lyrics, instruments, arrangements. You know -- the important stuff! ***PLEASE NOTE: I don't work for Barry or his organizations. I don't know him personally. I'm like that guy on PBS that talks about Mozart, the knowledge is based on 35 years of study, not from any insider information. *** --JB


40 years of collecting his music and being a fan. I also own an extensive collection of recordings, interviews, books, magazines and rarities for Barry Manilow.


Professional Actor, Singer, Stage Manager and Announcer. Music enthusiast, performer and composer of my own material. Theater Major, Temple University.

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