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Went to the show Jan. 30 Terrific.  I played in a band for 30 years and sang most of his hits among our wedding band, I was
chosen among the others. I was not a great keyboardist but I still sing very well. I am writing about my son-in-law Michael Pinnella a pianist. His webster is He is extremely talented and wherever he plays, people cry because of his musical talent and beauty of his playing. Married to my daughter and a father of 3, he to comes from a very poor family. He travels in Europe with his music and he writes everything. If ever Mr. Manilow needs to audition a keyboardist, he is absolutely
amazing. He to could use a break in life. (732) 937-9180) Michael
Pinnella.  He could sit in tonight a be a sensation to the music
Thank you for listening, by the way, my Email Knightbeats is the
name of my old band of 30 years that I still treasure in life. A picture of Michael at his piano looks just like Barry at the piano.

Sincerely, Joe Sakowski  (732)0583-8709 if you have time to talk.

This note ended up in my inbox for some reason. If you intended to get hold of Laurie Wheeler, I apologize, but she and I don't collaborate.

As I wrote in my profile, I don't work for Barry, his fan club, his booking agencies, or even his dog walker. I don't know the man personally, and he's probably never heard of me. I'm a huge fan of his music, and I've followed his career since his solo albums started going big in 1974. My only intention is answering questions that people have about his songs and career. All of my answers come from published sources or first-hand knowledge (stuff I've actually seen or heard him do).

I was a professional actor for 10 years in New York, and still get occasional announcing gigs here in Houston where I live. I know that the best way of getting any headliner's attention is to go the professional route:  make a demo recording, get a website together, do a YouTube video, get an agent, get published.  I'm not speaking directly on Barry's behalf, but if any professional singer is looking for a keyboardist, they will begin with talent agencies, trade papers and social/online connections.  Your best bet to begin is to do a Google search for "Recording Studios" in your geographic area, and book some studio time to do a demo. My personal advice: pay the extra money for both a recording engineer and a remixer. It's pricey (last time I checked, it was $1200/hour in my hometown on Philadelphia), but you will end up with a finished, polished demo that sounds like it was professionally done. People will be much more willing to hear from your son-in-law if he has something ready to show them.  

Best of luck!   --JB

Manilow, Barry

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I can answer almost any question about Barry`s music and videos: Content, lyrics, instruments, arrangements. You know -- the important stuff! ***PLEASE NOTE: I don't work for Barry or his organizations. I don't know him personally. I'm like that guy on PBS that talks about Mozart, the knowledge is based on 35 years of study, not from any insider information. *** --JB


40 years of collecting his music and being a fan. I also own an extensive collection of recordings, interviews, books, magazines and rarities for Barry Manilow.


Professional Actor, Singer, Stage Manager and Announcer. Music enthusiast, performer and composer of my own material. Theater Major, Temple University.

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