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QUESTION: Even though I've read that It's not true I know for a fact that Barry Manilow recorded the song "Feelings" playing the piano and singing. I used to listen to it on the juke box at the EM Club in Yokuska, Japan in the Navy  around 1976. Where can I find it on the internet I'm having trouble. Thank You for your help

ANSWER: Hello, David!

Thank you for contacting me through All Experts.  As for Barry recording the song "Feelings," some people think he recorded it, but I have never been able to find a recording of Barry singing "Feelings" either on record or on an Mp3 download. I also cannot find any video clip of Barry singing "Feelings."  I have checked many times to confirm this.  Also, the song "Feelings" was written by  Louis Gaste also known as Loulou Gaste and Morris Albert and made famous by Brazilian singer Morris Albert, who recorded it for his debut album. However, to my knowledge Barry has never recorded this song. Below you will find the link to a video clip of Morris Albert singing the song, "Feelings."

Here is some additional information from the site:  "Ahhh the Oldies but Goodies. The song Feelings was done in 1975. Sang by Morris Albert during this time it has been copied since then by various artists. The likes of Johnny Mathis, Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra. You can find more information here:"

Also, here is the response to if Barry recording "Feelings" from another site:  
Q.  Did barry manilow sing feelings?
A. The song "Feelings" is performed by Morris Albert.

Take care and if I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me again.  


Laurie :)

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QUESTION: I still know for a fact that barry manilow sang fellings on the juke box at the seaside club on the naval base at yokosuka. japan in 75 76 It must have been on a 45 to be on the juke box. i'll never forget that and also blue jean blues by zztop. Those things stick in your mind. I find it very unusual that a lot of people know this but yet you can't find one sign of it anywhere.

Hi, David!

Thank you for your follow-up question regarding the song "Feelings."  I agree it is very unusual that there is no sign of a Barry Manilow version of "Feelings" despite some people being sure they have heard it.  The only explanation I can think of is that Barry may have recorded it, but it was never released on an album or CD.  Barry has recorded many songs over the years that were never released on an album.  I should also mention is that a box set collection of Barry's music "The Complete Collection...and Then Some" (which was originally released in 1992) contains many unreleased demos and rare recordings, but it does not include a recording of the song "Feelings."  Some of these rare recordings have been released as bonus tracks for re-released versions of his earlier albums. I also have some bonus CDs from QVC which have some songs that Barry recorded many years ago, but were never released on an album, including one bonus CD called "Songs from the Vault." I have never heard a Barry Manilow version of "Feelings" in the nearly 40 years I have been a fan.  Therefore, if a Barry Manilow version of "Feelings" exists it must be in a vault somewhere, and there is no way of knowing if or when it will ever be released.


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