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"Hello John,

Could you please tell me the exact date that Joseph and Esther Manilow got married.

There is a photo of Joseph, Esther, Edna, Willie and Barry in the book "Sweet Life" that looks like it was taken at Joseph and Esther's 50th wedding anniversary celebration.

Many thanks,


I don't have that information.

I do have one source that indicates an approximate date, however.

In the 1930 Census,  Joe and Esther Manilow (and their daughters Edna and Rose), were living at 151 Berry Street in Brooklyn. They stated they had been married for 10 years at that point, so that puts their wedding at sometime before April of 1920.  Judging from the clothing and hair styles of that picture in Sweet Life, it would point to an anniversary around 1970.   Hope this helps.   --JB

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