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Hi John,

I have been trying to buy sheet music for "Learning to live without you" (bonus track on the One voice CD), but without any luck so far.I searched the Internet but it doesn't seem to be anywhere. I've got the anthology songbook, but it's not in there either. Do you know whether sheet music for this songs exists at all?
It's for private use, I think it's such a beautiful, moving song.


No, it doesn't.

A lot of Barry's music was never released as sheet music. I have no real idea why, other than my opinion that they probably didn't think they'd sell a lot of it.

I have a membership with, with which I'm able to pay for digital downloads of sheet music. Most of Barry's are older songs, I eagerly wait for new material.

If you have any musical friends who can transcribe the music (listen to it and copy down what they hear), you can produce sheet music on a program like Finale or Sibelius.  Keep in mind, you will still have to pay performance fees through BMI or ASCAP, because they are published pieces, if you ever perform these songs outside your home.

I, personally, would love to get hold of music from 15 Minutes and the Dream Duets album.   Crossing our fingers.

Thanks for writing in!  --JB

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