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OK. Here I am again/ A while ago I asked about what I was planing on wearing to Barry's concert, now next week. black palazzo pants and a silver/black shimmery, kind of fitted jacket. You answered that it sounded perfect. I was thrilled. So today I tried it on for my daughter (38), she asked WHY I was getting so dressed up for a concert and I said cause I wanted to. Then she told me I" was too old to wear fitted, low cut tops. I'm 65, and trust me, NOTHING shows! Not even cleavage!!don't have any anyway!)( Don't want to stick out like a sore thumb! What should I do? I'm so excited about this "date" with my hubby and I can't wait! Now I'm having doubts about what I'm wearing.


From what you're describing your outfit sounds dressy enough for Barry's concert;you're not going to see Motley Crue after all. If you're wearing a top underneath the jacket like a matching camisole, then I say never mind what your daughter says and wear what you want to. You're dressing to please yourself as well as your husband so wear what you've picked out, go see Barry, and have a great time with your husband.


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