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Did Barry Manilow really marry Gary Kief last year? Or is it just a rumor?


Consider the source of this story. It's the National Enquirer for G-d's sake! I actually read the story in the check out line today. It was full of inaccuracies, quotes from unnamed friends, are there any other kind in these tabloids, and a quote from Jeanne Lucas that was featured in an unauthorized biography about Barry that was published over ten years ago. Every publication online it seems picked up on it, and while some changed a few details it was essentially the same story. You'd think People or billboard would do some fact checking but they ran with the story without doing so.

Since according to the story, Barry and Garry didn't file any paperwork whatever that means, which I suppose indicates that there wasn't a license applied for and granted, they aren't legally married so at the most they might have had a commitment ceremony. If you also want to know if I think the story has any truth to it, considering the source I'd say no. If this story had come from a more reputable publication I'd be congratulating them along with thousands of other people, but it's a tabloid rag so no, I don't believe the story.


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