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I am trying to develope a laminate using a sheet of polyimide adhesive bonding two pieces of 1 mil constantan together.  When I do a 12" x 24" sheet, I get vertical lines of very small blisters (running up the 12" width all along the 24" length.  When I do a 12" x 12" sheet, I get blisters around the outer perimeter(1/8" to 1/4" in diameter).  I cannot figure out what is causing these blisters.  I have baked the material out, scrubbed it and then dryed it, but I keep getting the same results.  I now believe it may be outgassing of the polyimide adhesive sheet.  There isn't much technical info available for this adhesive sheet either.  Any thoughts or tests I could perform?  Thanks for you time.

Hi Danny,

I haven't been "doing adhesives for awhile"

May be the substrate too...
Is the Polymide in a solvent? It is a sheet?  Does that mean it is already "dry"?

The blisters and lines could be "memory" on the Canstantan -

try Monsanto Chemists

They are really good...

Hi Danny

Have you tried heating the adhesive in an oven or used a blow dryer to help the lamination.  Also look at the adhesive under magnification looking for dots of gunk or myer rod streaks. ( groove like ). When coating the use a wire wound rod.. If its not clean or thirty are running fast they are common.  


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