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Hello Joe,

I do not typically work with statistic during my normal course of work and I have very limited resources at work to help me analyze my findings.  

I recently conducted a gauge R&R study on a measuring process.  From reading of various quality books and websites the data seems to indicate that I did conducted this study correctly.

Could you provide some guidance or resources/references on how to properly evaluate the graphical analysis portion of my findings?  I used the spreadsheet (see link below) as the basis for my work.  The tab "graphs" (range control chart, measurement  by appraiser, by par and interaction plot) is what I am interested in.  I have attached a screen shot of these graphs.

Thank you



Sorry for the delay in response. I took a brief look at the DMAIC tools website but wasn't able to find what I'd consider a good explanation of the results produced by their software, which is what I assume you used. Without knowing a lot more about the specifics of your study, it's hard for me to make an intelligent assessment.

I can't tell what data was used to create the control limits on your range chart, but with no statistical "enhancement" whatsoever it's obvious that there's considerable variation among the appraisers--presumably in reproducibility.

If you're going to be involved in this sort of exercise on any kind of regular basis, I suggest laying out $10-$15 for a used copy of Evaluating the Measurement Process, by Lyday and Wheeler.



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