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Manufacturing/Flour mill machine.


Dear Dave

The flour mill machine Takes wheat as the source raw material and the process converts giving us Flour as output.

Is it possible to reverse the process by designing a machine which will give us wheat from flour?.


Dear Mr. Akerkar.

Good Day to you.
This is both a simple and complex question to attempt to answer.
Firstly, I would say that this in NOT a serious question, due to the fact that in all my years I have never heard of a single machine (nor chemical process) that can take a "ground to powder -ie., flour from seed product" and reverse-engineer it back to it's original seed "state".

Noting that, it begs me to ask as to the Why? of your question?

Do have a great evening, and let me know if somebody can (scientifically) explain the reality/possibility to reverse-engineer flour for you. (It would be of interest to me.)

Thank You & Best Regards,
Dave Dunbar


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