good day
can you refer me to 3 practical books on manufacturing that focuses on the following.
- how to manufacture new products
- practical content; step by step
- gives an excellent practical overview on manufacturing for persons who lack a background in the subject

Dear Sam,

There are a number of good books out there that you could benefit from. So this is by no means a definitive list. However, these should address a number of your questions. I have included the author's description of each book that I have found to be an honest representation.

1. Fundamental Principles of Manufacturing Processes By Robert H., Dell K. Allen  and Leo Alting

The key to understanding how to produce products with low response time, low inventory, and flexibility can be found in this important text. Using a systematic approach, this unique analysis of contemporary manufacturing processes identifies family characteristics of individual processes to facilitate learning. Using the same classification system, detailed descriptions of each individual process can be found in the Manufacturing Processes Reference Guide by the same authors. Identifies and studies six families of shaping processes that change the basic geometry of shape of a workpiece (Mechanical Mass Reducing, Thermal Mass Reducing, Chemical Mass Reducing, Mass Conserving, Consolidation, and Joining) and four families of nonshaping processes that modify the engineering and aesthetic properties of materials (Hardening, Softening, Surface Preparation, and Surface Coatings). This classification, or taxonomy, now used in the United States and Europe, is a valuable tool in identifying processes and their capabilities.

2. The Manufacturer's Book Of Lists
By Gene Marks

70+ lists from 60+ manufacturing experts: Your warehouse... Your inventory... Your sales... Your people... Your financials... Your technology... ...All the questions you have about running a manufacturing business are answered by experts in their field. 10 tips for improving your warehouse safety 20 methods for your reducing overstocked inventory 12 employee notices you may need to post in your plant 3 ways manufacturers can use social media to win business 6 Federal tax benefits specifically for manufacturers.

3. Finding Profit: The Lean Manufacturing Journey to Profit for the Job Shop
By John Macchia and Cynthia Guy

Many job shops and small manufacturers are faced with decreasing profits due to increased costs, increased demands for price reductions and higher quality by customers. Lean Manufacturing, often thought as only for the "big companies" is a viable alternative for job shops and small manufacturers. Finding Profit is the story of a job shop going Lean and increasing quality, productivity and profit.

I hope you find these helpful. I have used them with clients to do training at entry level positions. However, they are good references for anyone.

Good Luck  


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