maneesh wrote at 2012-09-25 07:23:02
dude i m an electrical and electronics engineer ..completed engg in 2009 and done eto course ..and then after join merchant navy as ETO ....bro u will nt gone believe yarr life is hell for us there .....we have to do maintenance of aal elec.and electronics equipment ..from an tun they dsnt know any this about electrical....tubelightlight to generator....even a 10pass illiterate captain of ship can order u to cahnge his tubelight in an crew can give order u to change his tubelight.....and no permotiomn..mechanical engg over there are dumb they thisnk they are enginner ..even they dsnt know difference an single thing about u r senior.....and u r salary will be equal to an 4th engineer...nthing no permotion...u ha to do cheep i left this job ...never ever i will do this..and plz i dant wana any of my mate go in this hell..bcoz we can survive in this illiterate people...and even mech engg over there are justt dumb....dsnt know any thi s they just know is tht cleaning,,greasing....or fill oil thts plzz bro never ever think about this line..and advice other elct engineer to not to join this.....

ETORules wrote at 2015-03-06 14:20:29
Please do not try to become ETO as there is no promotion .You will regret later when your juniors may progress up and start bullying you.Most of the Chief Engineers(Except Few who are good in electrical also)  I have worked butter the Captains for their survival and they trouble you.For any job on Ship more than 90% ETO is required .You won't get any help from any engineers or any one.Engineers just sit in ECR and do watch all the time .Their job done by oilers .They won't give you any respect.Previously there is Electrical officer under chief and 2nd Engineer.Now a little promotion of ETO with COC and under Chief Engineer reports to top fours.Still a long way to go for ETO. If you work in DP vessel ETO role is very hectic and stressful.

I recommend you to try for the Engineering role .


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