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QUESTION: hello sir,
i'm a 23yrs. old guy want to join merchant navy in deck department. i've completed my under electronics and communication department in 2012.

very frankly, i'm telling you that my parents don't want me to indulge with this industry as they feel that this is the most dangerous place to work at.

i've around 50k rupees with me which i got as my scholarship during my

i want to know whether it is possible to do any basic course with this sum total.

i've heard about the basic stcw courses.

does this course guarantees any job.

if i want to go with this course then please tell me where to do this and if you can tell me the course fee and such expenditures that'll be very helpful. if i'll do the same course then what is the process for cdc?

please help me out for the same. your each and every information will be most valuable for me.

waiting for your response.

ANSWER: Dear Manish,
For STCW course, you will have to spend almost 20k, for CDC(other than Indian) it will cost 15k. with no guarantee of job.
Even you do some expensive job oriented course, there is no job in the market, but obviously labor jobs in Merchant navy are available which you can get with the help of agent where you will have to pay at least 1.5 lack ro the agent.
So the conclusion is, abide your parents wish and do not get indulged in this field, it may ruin your education as well as life to the extend.

Freshers should also go to the link:

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QUESTION: thank you very much sir for all the valuable information you gave me.

now my question is, whether one can get job after stcw courses and at which rank or post does a stcw certificate holder can get after this course.

Dear Manish,
Right now there is no job in the market for Mechanical guys too..they have to spend a lot(8-10lack appx.) of money to get a respectable job with a slow career growth.

So there is hardly any chance after doing only STCW. and for ECE guys there is not such scope and dedicated department. So if someone from ECE is not infatuated or badly crazy about Merchant navy, they should leave this plan to make their future better and brighter.

There are lots of jobs available in the market for ECE guys, and remain in touch with your social life, which is a lot more important to a human being.

As, now a days, Merchant navy has not remained a promising career so that someone would think to leave the society in which they grow, only fraud agents and Consultancies are now making money through it.

Now you have got sufficient to be decisive.

Best Regards


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