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After reading 'merchant nay fraud blog spot' whicch is attached to your profile,I have a couple of questions.Kindly help me resolve them.

1) Agents are fraudsters,where and how to find the genuine agents?

2) 'Merchant navy does not have a good pay these days' is this true?

3) Whats the scope for a COC from Institite of Tasmania(ASMA)?

4) Is it possible to get a job easily with the above mentioned      

5) Could an Indian apply and secure a job in  Australian shipping
   companies if he has a ASMA approved coc?

Appreciating your time and service.

Dear Mr. Deepak

1. If you are talented and get selected in a company, then you don't need to find any agent. 99.99% of agents are fraud.

2. Pay scale is less than before, because of trafficking. Demand is less and supply is much more than human resource demand.

3. You need to get the CoC of India or UK, nothing other than this will work. But first you need to get the Indian CDC.

4. Receiving job is not easy with the other country CoC.

5. Any seafarer can find job anywhere if having the valid CDC and CoC of a white listed country.



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