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Hello Jerry

I am interested in mobile phone marketing. What is the legality and best practice surrounding the use of the Multimedia Messaging Service for unsolicited advertising.

I understand it is possible to use MMS for advertising but personally I have never received an advert in this manner which is why I am asking.

Many thanks

Hi Daniel:

  The GSMA, which represents the interests of 800 of the world’s mobile operators in 219 countries, has launched a pilot program to allow consumers to report text message spam.

The GSMA Spam Reporting Service, which is operated on behalf of the GSMA will analyse SMS traffic and identify and aggregate reports of misuse submitted by mobile subscribers of participating networks. It is simple, all you have to do is forward the text message spam to the short code 7726, which spells “SPAM” on your mobile phone.

Companies should contact those customers they have permission from. Used in the right way text message marketing can be a great thing, but abused it is like SPAM email, nobody wants your messages.  


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