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Hi Big Al,

My name is Igor, and I'm a personal trainer. In the past I've done some public speaking, and this year would really like to give more talks than I have in the past.

I'm trying to figure out what groups (social, corporate, athletic, academic, etc.) I can approach to give a free talk on health, fitness, etc. You can see the talks that I've done in the past here:

I've given talks at Rotary clubs, high schools, and festivals. Can you think of other groups that I can approach that I haven't yet approached?

I look forward to hearing from you,


Hi Igor,

Sorry for the long time it took for me to reply as I've been busy myself.

As for your question, to put things in simple form, here are a list.

1. Government departments
2. Mother and daughter clubs/associations (women are good target!!!)
3. Conventions
4. Blogs and forums
5. Drivers
6. Disability groups
7. Jail

The list can be forever, I think any group is ok cause all human need exercise!!!

BigAl (not Big Al :P)


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