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Dear Glen,
I am working on building a roller coaster in science class. It is made out of foam pipes, and I have to use physics to build it. I then have to sell my group's idea to the teacher, as I am the Chief of Marketing. So, my question is how do I advertise a roller coaster? It's name is Newton's Playground, and I am blank on this topic. I have created a website, and I need to sell it. Would a skit work? A commercial? A song? A radio ad? I do not know. If you wish to contact me in other ways you can respond to the blog on our website.
The URL for the website is

Dear Owen,

Sorry for the delay in answering--we were without power due to Hurricane Sandy.

The first thing to consider in advertising your roller coaster is to decide what people would like most about it or find most interesting (e.g., is it scary or thrilling, does it have some record breaking element such as the highest plunge, or something else that makes it unique).

Once you have a specific thing you want to advertise about the roller coaster, then you can create a story to talk about it in a way that engages people--generally that is done through drama or humor.

The easiest advertisements to create are printed ads, like you see in magazines.  Skits, songs, TV or radio ads are more elaborate--but also more engaging.

You might also conduct a contest (e.g., guess the fastest speed of the roller coaster, or the maximum G force riders will encounter) to get people interested in your message.

I realize this doesn't give you a comprehensive answer, so feel free to ask follow up questions.

Glen Franklin  


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