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Marketing/Why study marketing? Can marketing improve a society?


Why we study Marketing and how marketing improve the living standards of the society?

Hello Kiya,
This is a very broad question and could be answered with much more detail, but I will give you a few very brief opinions for the sake of time.

I believe that people generally study marketing in order to learn the most effective and profitable methods to create brand awareness, attract prospective clients, educate an audience, make sales, and retain clients.

Marketing can definitely improve the living standards of a society especially when it is educational and integrity based marketing.  This means the marketing is highly focused and targeted to attract just the right prospect and develop a highly satisfied client/customer. Integrity in marketing ensures that the inside reality of a company closely matches the outside perception portrayed by sales and marketing efforts. When people can easily find the products they are looking for and can be honestly educated about the products and options then they will be able to make better decisions, be more comfortable spending money and be highly satisfied with their purchases. These factors contribute to a healthy and robust economy in which consumers can effectively "vote" for the best products with the dollars they spend.  Companies quickly find out which products work the best for their clients and are encouraged to find ways to develop higher quality products for competitive prices.

Effective marketing can also be used to improve a society when it is used to draw attention to important topics, news or events or to educate the public.  An example would be a well marketed public service announcement that reaches many people and educates about a dangerous health threat.

There are certainly many many more examples, but I hope this gives you some help and a few things to think about.

Thanks for the question,


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