We are a new non-profit organization called A Kind Voice.  We operate a call-in line to help people feeling a bit alone or isolated.  We live upstream from depression hotlines as callers can call in to discuss a book they read, a movie or ball game they saw or most any situation they’d like to discuss.  

My question is how to get the word out about our services.  The goal is to drive call volume.  Our website is, we also have a Facebook Page and Twitter Account (links are on the website).



ANSWER: Hi David

If you are a true 501 c3  non profit there are many ways to get the word out inexpensively:

Have your team start a blog about it, and post notes about it on other like-minded blog sites and pages on facebook, yahoo groups and other social sites, plus on line pages for everything from depression, reading clubs, sports, entertainment,and other similar source focused pages.

Don't forget non profit rates are much cheaper for direct mail, billboards and even running posters as a community service on telephone poles, college campuses, and in storefront windows too.  Print small biz cards with the info on them and have people pass them out as they see a fit.  Many radio and TV stations will even create and run free PSA's for you when they have air openings.

Cross market your pages and messages on line and have your real time lead to your virtual time and visa versa for best effect.

Let me know how it goes!


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Thanks for a response so packed with great suggestions.  I have a follow-up question.  Can you expand on your last paragraph:

"Cross market your pages and messages on line and have your real time lead to your virtual time and visa versa for best effect."

I don't have a good sense of what virtual time is and it's relationship with real time, within the context of what we are doing.  How we would use cross marketing to create a synergy between the two?


Hi David, that simply means to have one set of content point towards another and visa versa. Your print should point to your web site your web mention your blog, your blog the website and print options, etc. and so on. It's endless once you get started! Best of luck,

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