QUESTION: Hello,I've been told I'm missing my calling and should be modeling or on TV.I would like to submit some pictures to Adidas.I recently had some professional pictures taken in their clothing and would like to know who I would contact in order for them to be seen by the person who would make the call.

ANSWER: Hello,

So many people have this wish, but it is a difficult thing to accomplish without the proper connections.

First I would contact and do research to find the talent agency Adidas uses.

Submit to them a professional sheet and bio.

Secondly, it never hurts to have several talent agencies who work for sports related vendors,  pitching you as their talent. Again, research because there are many unethical agencies out there, and you want to do proper professional work for one of the respectable ones.  Best to you!

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QUESTION: Thats just it I cant find out any Information on it thats why I posted the Question here.I talked to a Agency in New Orleans they wanted to sign me up for a 1.5yr class @ a cost $1600.For speech and acting,and I really wanted to start with commercial print.

Hi Fred

Always AVOID those agencies trying to make you pay. They are not usually legitimate. Network around and find out who other models get work from. Get your head shots and bios done to industry standards. Drop them off at those agencies and then keep calling back for an interview. You need to get in front of those decision makers at the agency to have them plug you into corporations who only get their models through agencies - which is most of them. So, focus on getting booked with several agencies who work with those corporations you want to model for.


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