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Application sheet
Application sheet  

Mr. Siebler:

       I am an independent inventor in Utah.  I have developed a new kind of school notepaper that is intended to encourage students to outline and otherwise manage and work with their class notes, leading to improved study habits and, hopefully, better grades.  This device is protected by US Pat. D667,497.  Attached are files showing the notepaper leaf, applications sheet, and the patent publication.

  This product will compete with conventional school notepaper in either loose-leaf or spiral notebook format; however, conventional notepaper does not offer the unique features of my product.  I believe that students from middle school through college level and beyond can benefit from this product.  The potential market is substantial.

  At present, I am in the process of test marketing this product online in loose-leaf format.  You can find my adds at and  My price point is $5.50 for 100 sheets and $6.50 for 140 sheets.  

  I do not have a background in marketing or business and I am wondering how to best promote and commercialize this product.  I'm concerned that web-based marketing is not the optimum venue for this item and I may be spinning my wheels trying to sell it online.  

  I would appreciate your ideas on promoting this product to high school and college students.  What are the chances that a major retailer would agree to stock this item, since it has no track record?  Do you think this is a niche product that would appeal to only a certain demographic of students?

  Thanks in advance for your input.


This is a complex question.

However I would recommend you get some students to trial it and then get their feedback and testimonials and use this as a marketing tool.

I think traditional marketing is most suited to you in the short term. Positive user feedback should help you get a leg up into the stores.

I wish you every success.



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