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Hello. I apologize for bothering you again, but I was wondering something:

Although I am in the process of getting my affiliate marketing business set up, do I have to wait for my blog/website to be a little bit more established before I apply for these affiliate programs?

For example, I have been communicating with an online store called "Nasty Gal," and she let me know that they have an affiliate program where they allow people to place their ads on their site(s). Should a beginner like me try to apply for them, or Walmart, Target, etc? Does my site need to be more popular? Thank you.

You want your site to be as popular as possible, which is why you want to blog as much as possible. However, I don't think any affiliate program has a prohibition against applying for an affiliate program after you've already been turned down. If you get turned down, you'll probably get a reason, i.e., "Your site's not popular enough in the search engines," "You don't have enough followers, etc." Wait three months and apply again but don't mention your first refusal. Let them find it on their own because sometimes you'll get a different person looking at your application; s/he'll go have a look and make a decision. If you volunteer the information about being turned down three months ago, some will summarily presume that in "just three months" you can't possibly have enough followers or be popular enough, so s/he'll say no.

Along with blogging, though, make sure each blog post has the appropriate keywords to help your popularity with the search engines. Do not overuse keywords, though, and make sure those keywords are relevant to that specific post. If your blog post is about Amtrak, don't include keywords for Union Pacific, Disneyland Monorail, Missouri Pacific, etc.

While you're getting started with your blogging, the best way to get followers is to follow someone else. For example, if you come follow me at and, I'll be over there to follow you. At the same time, be sure to like posts from your fellow bloggers because then they will come like your posts. It's a tit for tat blogging world.

You can find people of similar interests using WordPress Recommendations ( and Freshly Pressed (

And don't worry about bothering me. People who bother me make my life exciting!



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