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QUESTION: Hi there! Just recently, I got into affiliate marketing (in fact I am still learning), and I am in the process of setting up a blog or website through Basically the site will feature my interests, hobbies, collections, etc, and the blog or website will be about fashion, jewelry, history, style, hair, beauty, royalty, health, current events, celebrity gossip...that's the gist of it.

At first, I wanted to create a standard website, but then a few people recommended that I begin with a blog. I am so very confused to the point where I am second-guessing myself. That is why I am here. Before I begin, I have a couple of questions.

1. Is a blog or website better for what I am planning to do?
2. If I choose a blog, I would really prefer it to look as much like a standard website as possible, so would you prefer Blogger or Wordpress?
3. Is a good choice?
4. I want to place unlimited ads on my site, and need a good amount of space. Are and Wordpress good choices for this?


ANSWER: Hey, Miss Wilson.

You really want both a web site and a blog because they do different things for you and your customers.

Over the years Google, Yahoo, and Bing have modified their search algorithms to give more weight to "fresh content." That fresh content is easily provided through a blog, so I would recommend that anyone just getting started make sure to publish a blog post every day. Even twice a day or thrice a day would not be too many.

WordPress makes it very easy for you to have both, though. See my web sites/blogs at and Both are WordPress sites, and both bring me in a good amount of traffic, which translates into money.

When I first started blogging in June 2007, I looked at Blogger, WordPress, BlogSpot, and a couple of others. After testing them, I wound up choosing WordPress. At the time, and even currently, I believe it offers more and is easier to implement. is a top notch choice. is another top notch choice. isn't going to care about your web site or blog. They are just a host although they have a lot of utilities to help you do what you want to do. Just let them host your WordPress site and you'll be fine.

If you need any help with WordPress, let me know. I'm not an expert but I know where to go to get the right answers most of the time.


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QUESTION: Wow! Thank you for all of this great info, Russel. I have one more least for now lol. So, right now, I have a blog on blogspot, and my sister and I have a few posts right now. Now, I want to switch to Wordpress. Would I have to start all over by submitting the same posts, or is it at all possible to transfer everything to Wordpress?

It's possible to transfer everything. You'll probably need some help but it shouldn't be hard to do for someone who knows. If you intend on doing it yourself, check out the WordPress forums where answers to your questions are just few minutes away:



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