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QUESTION: My husband and I run a property management business that manages residential rental units. We currently are managing about 15 units but we would really like to grow our business. Currently we have a person in India that is calling landlords that are advertising online, however it doesn't seem to be very effective in terms of getting new business. Do you have any suggestions on how we can get more business and perhaps set ourselves apart from other big property management companies?

ANSWER: Hi Heather!
First off making calls from India doesn't work that well they can't hide their accent I know they may be cheap but you really should have someone local making the calls who knows your market and can have a good conversation. Last year I coached an individual that had the same issue and I would need to search for his file to see some of the ideas we came up with. Here is my challange I am leaving for NY for a long weekend so Friday if I can get some time I will look for the information otherwise I can try to get something to you Monday afternoon. I hope you find this acceptable because I know I can help you.

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That's fine. I hope you had a great long weekend! Looking forward to hearing from you.


Hi Heather!
Yes I had a great weekend thanks for asking.
Well first of all you need to define what your Niche really is and not worry about larger companies. The company I worked with went after the commercial rental market by contacting rental owners they would handle all administrative services, bookkeeping, collections, tenant screening and maintance. They would build relationships with condo associations, condo developers and get connected to the board of directors of each community to position for referral business. You need to create a list of 75 prospects that you want to do business with then start a program of contact and follow up until they become a client. Your competition will only go after the larger complexes but you can pick up the low hanging fruit. Get video testimonials from your top 5 clients and put on your smart phone or Ipad to show a prospect when you meet with them.
You can also develop a set of packages so the prospect can have three choices for services. Build relationships with local realtors they have their thumb on the pulse of the community and don't be afraid to create a report that has educational marketing content don't talk about yourself but a reason why your service is needed. Example: "The 10 Mistakes Property Owners make that Will Cost them Thousands of Dollars in Lost Revenue this year"
I hope you have found this useful and if you want to consider one on one business coaching let me know


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