QUESTION: Could you give me a step by step marketing promotion plan?

My vampire story ebook will be completely  edited in the future. I hesitate to put it on Amazon until I have a clear plan to promote it. Should I post everywhere that it will be out at a certain date? There is such a thing as book giveaways to promote ebooks. There are also book reviews.How should all this be planned or timed?

How can I inform the target audience of readers of detective and vampire stories that my book will be out?

ANSWER: Hi Demetrius, this forum is to ask a question, not get a marketing plan written,  but I can help you -
Seek out an agent to guide you, or your publisher. Book tours, viral marketing and word of mouth reviews and on Amazon, sell books!

Best to you,

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QUESTION: Thanks for responding. Forgive me if I wasn't clear.

I have written these short stories on Amazon and I am working on a longer vampire novel.
I also have a longer novel that will be in hard copy.

Sheridan Hope, is a black detective so I wanted to reach that target audience of Alex Cross and others.

So the questions are: how can I get an agent for the longer work?
What can I do to reach the target audience of the Sheridan Hope stories?


ANSWER: Hello again, Demetrius.

There are ways to do this but you need to let me know what you did with your first books. How did you reach those target audiences, or didn't you? If you did, do likewise. Every demographic likes to be reached and wooed certain ways by age, race, lifestyle, income and more.  What would the average reader you targeted when writing this work like to do besides reading your book? Seek them in their own niche to win them to your work.

If the wheel is already made with Alex Cross and others, then do a little investigation into who and how they market their stories. Copying is the highest form of flattery. For example, no one does market research like McDonalds, and many other companies just follow McDonald's lead into trying to reach the same demographic McDonald's has already spent time and $  investigating, knowing they wouldn't be in that location if it wasn't going to be profitable. DO likewise look at books similar in genre and scope as yours and see how they have marketed. It's that simple.


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I should have told you my stories were ebooks on Amazon. The vampire story will likely be also.
As for the black Sherlock Holmes stories, I have attempted to reach black female readers. (a good percentage of readers of Alex Cross and Walter Mosley) I haven't been successful with this.
Below is a link to the stories on Amazon.
I have posted on Goodreads and  I like communicating  with readers. Reviews of my stories are there.


Thanks, D

Again, it will take research to find out how the other agents/book publishers helped market these other books. Your answers are there.

On line, do blogs, mention your book in casual conversation (not going there just to do that but as a "by the way" sort of thing) in groups where your demographic goes to chat and catch up, build a website for like minded readers, open a reading club, get your book reviewed by friends and known reviewers, etc., and on and on.

These viral tactics have worked well for many publishers too.  

Best of Luck!

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