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Good evening Sir,

We are a charity and we have a very expensive lease on a copier.  A way to save costs is to not use this, however, actually we realize that it is a highly underused asset and we could sell printing services and recover some or substantial part of the lease.

The color photocopying and printing is very high quality - all our customers (however few there are) compliment our service.  

Unfortunately our charity does not have time/staff to manage large volumes of local businesses who could find a use for the service.

Ideally we would have a few regular customers, maybe small businesses who would make frequent use of our copying/printing facilities in large quantities.

I was wondering if there was a particular marketing strategy for this - advertising the facility (which we have discovered is highly competitive and undercuts local businesses) which is low (ideally no) cost and effective.

Your thoughts are highly appreciated.

Thank you for your help.

Kind Regards,


hi Neil,

Thanks for your question.

before you try anything to increase business you should first have a business i.e. you should hire a permentant worker to operate the machine. temporary workers will ruin the machine and the busnisess. thus you will achieve consistency and guarantee profitable operation.

next we can talk about expansion strategies.




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