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So I just wish to know how if there its a way to advertise a website? I am trying to help my fiancee site to get more advertisement so it can get more recognition , but I am still learning is there a website where one can pay a yearly or monthly subscription or a easy way to do so on my own? I gotta be honest I am not the smartest person in this field so any helpful information will be appreciated.

Also if there it's any website with memberships I hope they aren't so expensive.

thank you

If you already have the web site, you want to try to have it come up higher on search engines. I am not that knowledgeable about websites, but look up on the internet "search engine optimization". That is the term you are looking for. There may be articles on how to do it yourself.

Also, look up "Google ads". You can pay Google to advertise your website.

Hope this helps.


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