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Hi Ashraf,

I operate a personal training business in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and in the last 4 years, I've quadrupled my business. I owe 90-95% of that to public speaking. I currently do 3-6 speaking engagements per month, but these happen by accident. I don't really have a consistent, repeatable system for getting speaking engagements.

In the past, when I've approached corporations to give even free talks on exercise and nutrition, I've been turned down. The most common objections being that they're either already working with a company that does that, or that they only do presentations on topics related to their company.

I do have some leverage, having spoken to some very large companies here, but I still want to be able to generate speaking engagements on demand (and ideally, those would be delivered to financial advisors, engineers, and medical personnel... those 3 have been the most profitable personal training clients).

Do you have any suggestions on how to do that?

hi Igor,

thnx for your question.
u have to work on two aspects:

+ define your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and emphasize it. In marketing you have to try to position yourself as number one in the minds of clients. we call that positioning. you can be number one in price, service, quality, etc. or a special mix of these features. Your USP can be for example having the most capable trainer. your advertising, pr and all kinds of of promotion should highlight this fact.
++prepare tailor made programs and speeches that are very relevant to your customers (both the company and individual) e.g. a speech about office related pain with solutions and exercises specially designed to minimize pain and maintain good health for office workers with access to movies and software for training and an offer on your services. this will make a company willing to get u to speak because you will minimize absenteeism.
try these and i am sure things will work fine.
you can contact me later to discuss next steps.
i have a question myself if you can help me with; i want to migrate to Canada, what's my best option.

All the best,


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