QUESTION: I co host a podcast. As I have looked around I find that there isn't anyone else doing the kind of podcast we do. We have listeners, but want to get more. I was wondering if now would be a good time to consider paying someone to promote us. We are on most social media. We just wonder what would a next step be to get us higher listenership.

ANSWER: David apologies for the delayed response. Could you let me know more about the podcast and I can then give relevant recommendations.

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QUESTION: we are two therapists that talk about mental health issues, relationships and current events. We also do some celeb/author interviews. We post weekly about 45 minutes usually. Thanks


I think it best to get really clear on who your ideal audience is, then ask yourself where can I find them online? For example there are many Facebook pages that might have this market. With Facebook you can run ads targeted at very specific groups and this might be a good way to go for you. Ads on Facebook can be set at just a few dollars a day to test.


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