How do I know the correct keywords for which I should optimize my web site?

Hey, Clayton.

It's actually quite easy. If you were searching for your services or products, what would you search on?

There is no limit to keywords, so use them all!

However, Google, Yahoo, and Bing are really smart nowadays, so you don't have to use both plurals and singulars.

Take my Photographic Art as an example. By using the keyword "Photographic Art Russel Ray Photos San Diego California" the search engines will pick up searches on
"Photographic Art"
"Russel Ray"
"Russel Ray Photos"
"Art San Diego"
"Russel Ray San Diego"
"California Art"
"San Diego Art"

and any number of other iterations.

In the past, we had to use keywords like
"san diego"
"russel ray"


Hope that helps.



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