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I am a music arranger interested in selling the publishing rights of a classical piano transcription to a major publishing company. It is based on a major orchestral work, and I own the copyright. It is complete and just needs proper binding, printing, marketing, etc. I estimate that over the course of three years, approximately 2000 printed copies will be sold worldwide, at roughly $30-40 per copy, and I estimate it will cost the company roughly $2000 to produce the first 2000 copies. After the first three years, I estimate a few hundred copies will be produced and sold per year. If a company offers to purchase the rights from me, what do you think would be a reasonable upfront amount for them to offer? And how much would be reasonable to expect for each copy sold?  I'm just looking for a conservative, ball-park figure. Many thanks.

Hello David,

Without knowing the work itself and the demand on that work, it is hard to estimate. Everything is priced based on cost and demand.

In general, if it is a basic well loved piece with moderate demand, if you were to receive $75,000- $95,000 up front to sell, you would be doing

If it is in high demand, the sky is the limit, like a pearl of great value to this audience, and let the highest bidder win, due to the demand continuing and making the price able to be compounded over a longer period of time.

Good Luck!


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