First off, I want to thank you for helping people on this site, it helps a lot!

I've recently started a business that delivers groceries to peoples homes, which is mainly focused towards busy families and seniors who may not be able to drive. This is the basic model. The customer calls us, tells us their grocery list, we go and buy it, deliver it to them, they reimburse the cost of groceries plus a $20 service fee.

I know the customers are out there, I just don't know how to reach them and advertise effectively. What would you recommend. I would greatly appreciate any and all advice you have for me. Thank you

Hi Pratik,

I like your business model, and can see a real need for it even in my community. This type of business calls out for old-fashioned grass roots marketing to get it launched:

- post flyers on assisted living or over-55 community bulletin boards - or buy space in their newsletter if they have one
- advertise in local church bulletins
- offering a first time delivery discount via a service such as Groupon ( or a number of others - see - is an activity that can be measured
- set up a Yelp business page (, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Friends and family with Facebook and Twitter accounts can help you spread the word (I would recommend you give them a few samples of the copy you'd like them to use)
- pay high schoolers to tuck flyers in the doors of neighborhoods you want to reach; similar to what pizza businesses do

Anyway, these are just a few ideas to get you started. I think you will find combining print advertising with social media in a consistent way will reap real results.

Good luck!


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