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First off, I want to thank you for helping people on this site, it helps a lot!

I've recently started a business that delivers groceries to peoples homes, which is mainly focused towards busy families and seniors who may not be able to drive. This is the basic model. The customer calls us, tells us their grocery list, we go and buy it, deliver it to them, they reimburse the cost of groceries plus a $20 service fee.

I know the customers are out there, I just don't know how to reach them and advertise effectively. What would you recommend. I would greatly appreciate any and all advice you have for me. Thank you


First of all, thank you for your trust with my advice. TRUST is a difficult thing these days and this is what you need to focus on. Secondly, your target "customers" should not only be the people who actually do the grocery, because people who actually NEED your service would be those who stay at home but physically unable to go shopping. So let's list out the types of people who would be your target.

1. People with physical or other reasons for not able to leave their home
2. Their family or friends or whatever members

So here, you have 2 groups of people which means, you must have 2 different advertising strategies!!!

Now let's talk about what 2 different strategies you can use that's aim at 2 different groups of people. Beginning with the first group.

Here we also have 2 strategies you can use as follows:
1. Use advertising that target individual homes such as facebook, games, TV etc.
2. Find out which non-profit organisation or NGOs or whatever organisation who help people with their physical or mental or whatever capability (yes, not disability cause marketing and advertising should be a positive thing and ethical!!) and promote your services to them (legally and willingly by themselves)!!!

Get these 2 strategies in place and you will be too busy you will forget your other target customers but at the same time they will come to you by themselves!!!

Here, you have it. Any comments, questions or whatever, you can continue here as you wish.

Best of luck with your business



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