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I work for a university student services department, and we offer weekly workshops for students every Tuesday.  We have an established mailing list, and my question is - how far in advance should I be marketing each event?  These are grad students, and as such are very busy and likely won't commit to anything too far out.  I only want to email these folks once a week, so do you think I should email them on Wednesday (after the event has taken place) for the following week's event?  Or sooner?  


Hi there!

I was still a university student back 3 years ago (Master degree) and my advise is as follows:

1. Give them a "Preview" of next workshop right after the actual workshop (If the workshop is interesting enough, they should sign up and committed to it right away)

2. Once they sign up, at the latest, email them the next day of the details to double confirm their commitment.

3. Add in a little incentive such as FREE food, books or anything within the budget for signing up but given on the next workshop

The "Preview" should be interesting enough to get their commitment but without giving all the details such as PowerPoint of the workshop. It would be better still to add some "homework" that they can do before the next workshop so they are committed RIGHT AWAY!! Also adding a "Limited" commitment time and "Limited" number of participants should help to "sell/market" your workshop to those interested students.

Good luck and welcome to for further inquiries.



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