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I work for a university student services department, and we offer weekly workshops for students every Tuesday.  We have an established mailing list, and my question is - how far in advance should I be marketing each event?  These are grad students, and as such are very busy and likely won't commit to anything too far out.  I only want to email these folks once a week, so do you think I should email them on Wednesday (after the event has taken place) for the following week's event?  Or sooner?


Hi Nicole,

thank you very much for your question.

You can email them just before the event as a reminder and also u can send regular emails promoting the monthly program or speaking of upcoming events. Thus they have the whole program in advance and u also remind them on the same day of the event

also u can work on ways to insure more engagement; u can ask them be the speakers, u can offer some  giveaways or prizes, u can ask them to suggest topics etc. u can mix both messages together by sending the reminder and offering the engagement tool.

all the best,


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