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Marketing/International Marketing of Towels & bathrobe business


Dear sir,

My company is Atara Towel and we manufacture Towels and other terry products. We are marketing our products international by contacting buyers on telephone and email. But result is zero.

please let me know how can we increase our sales.

Welcome Zeeshan

You need to have personal contact in the beginning through trade shows and personal encounters, maybe cold calling will help. Also you need to define why you are better than the others, especially why you are number one in a certain category or feature. Highlight your advantage and use it to your benefit.

For marketing in general and particularly international marketing You need to work in the following sequence:

1. Formulate international marketing objectives

2. Determine international marketing approach

3. Determine operational structures

4. Manage international marketing performance

5. Evaluate and improve international marketing performance

If you are not doing this already maybe you need to discuss the mater with your marketing specialist or get one if you don't have one.

All the best,
Ashraf Nisseem  


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