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1.   Prepare a questionnaire for studying the marketability of solar power panel.
2.   Do you think "unanswered questions" and "Don't knows" are not similar? Why? Is it essential to acknowledge both of these in the results? Why?

I can't prepare a questionnaire for you - but I can guide you in how to prepare it.  You need to consider a) your customers (end user vs. distributor) b) key features and benefits of your product c) price sensitivity, d) your competition.  Address these issues in the questionnaire - you may need to survey different customer groups. I advise against using rankings because they don't tell you the distance between the ranks.  Ratings are much better and give you a real sense of the respondent's perceptions.

It's always a good idea to pretest your questionnaire to make sure that you are asking the right questions.  Ask the test respondent if there are any issues that are not covered in the questionnaire that are important to them when thinking about purchasing a solar panel.

Unanswered questions and "don't knows" are NOT the same.  You don't know why people don't answer a question - and can't assume that it is because they don't know, maybe its just not an important issue to them.  Yes, you must discuss both in the results, particularly if you get a large number of non answers or don't know on a particular item.  

Good luck.

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