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I'll try to get to the point quickly. My fiance isnt an affectionate person, I am. Im not always touchy feely, but i do like physical closeness. The reason i am having issues is because she told me she used to be that way with her ex, and overtime, she stopped being that way. She was with him for a while and she was in love with him. I remember her stating at one time, she didnt think she would be able to love anyone the way she loved him, or give her heart as fully as she did to him now mind you, this was in 2009. but Im having such a hard time getting over that, and i feel like her lack of affection toward me is directly related to that.

shes a virgin waiting till marriage, and i respect that. i have been celibate for 2 yrs, and it will be 3 by the time were married, so maybe im needy and i dont know it. but i feel a lack and its personally driving me crazy because i dont know how to act around her knowing shes not crazy about affection, but i just feel like im getting the short end of the stick, and resentment is constantly building daily..

please help me

Hi - I need to know more clearly what you and she mean by "affection." Spontaneous touching and caressing? Sexual desire? Foreplay? Verbal endearments and love words? From your description, it sounds like you're "resenting" her not seeming to fully commit to you. If so, you face a "Be spontaneous!" paradox: you can't make her want to commit to you or completely let go of memories of her former relationship.  

   Several possiblities:

1] she is protecting herself from losing another loving relationship by not allowing herself to fully commit to you.

2] she is unable to complete grieving her former relationship and/or related dreams and hopes;

3] she inherited psychological wounds from easrly-childhood trauma which are inhibiting her from grieving, committing, and/or feeling and expressing "affection."

If any of these are true, you cannot change them. Only SHE can if and when she's ready to do so. A final possibility:

4] One or both of you isn't able to assert what you need [about "affection"] clearly and respectfully from your partner, and then cooperatively problem-solve your needs as teammates.

Overall. I encourage both of you to discuss this honestly:

If you have questions about any of the above, Anthony, please ask!

Compassionately, Pete


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