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hello there,
    Me and my wife been together for three years and married for a year and three months. She's a beautiful woman and such a strong woman who takes care of me and my needs. But during the relationship, we've been through finance, job, and life tribulations that caused arguments and tension. At the end of the day, we apologies and forgives one another. It's not no daily fights. She's faithful and so am I. I trust her so much and has confidence in her faithfulness without negative thinking of cheating. I works offshore and returns this thursday. For all the hard work she's put into this marriage and support, I was wanting to ask from a woman's view about What can i buy and surprise her with to show that i love her to bring tears to her eyes. Flowers and jewelry is out the question because i've did that a lot.  I plan on getting a hotel room that night while our son baby is being babysitted. My range is a hundred dollars. I've got taking her to dinner planned before gettin the room.

Hi Lee,

I hope this message doesn't reach you too late.

It is difficult to tell you what will bring tears to your wife's eyes as all women are different. I suggest you ask her what types of things she most loves. One thing I know is that the amount of money spent is not important, it truly is the thought that counts. So just put some thought into it so she'll know you spent time thinking it through. For example, if she loves to stay up reading late at night, buy her a little book light. Things like that mean so much. Also, a note written from the heart is always welcomed. Just think about what she loves and likes, and get her something that will go along with that.

I hope this helps. Sounds like she is very lucky to have a man who loves her so much.

Doctor Becky


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