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My husband Justin and I have been married for a couple of years now, we have a 1 year old baby girl. After we got married, my husband reconnected with his high school friend. So the three of us would hang out quite often. We had fun going to movies, shopping, and sometimes would cook for them. After we got married, things were still the same. Then I became pregnant, and because of that Justin opted to not hang out with his buddy so much fear of leaving me alone. If I didn't want to go with them he would not go as well.
Now that our baby is 1 years old, they are back to hanging out with each other at least 2-3 times a week. On top of that they call each other, IM for couple of hours every night. I am just so sick of it because theres not a day or time when I don't hear or see him with his buddy. FYI the friend had 1 relationship with a girl back in high school. Things didn't work out for him so they broke up. The girl is dating. While this guy is still single. He makes no effort to look. When I bring this up to my husband he backs up his friend saying he is scared to go into another relationship with another woman, and blah blah blah.
Denies his friend is not gay. Something inside of me is giving me the creeps about this friend. Just last week they went fishing, 2 hours later the friend calls and wants to know if my husband is going to get some coffee he wants to go too. The next morning they make plans to play games together, and my husband openly asked if he wants to go eat with us.
It makes me so mad and sad at the same time that this guy is soo much involved in our families life. Even I am not that way towards my sister. They tell each other everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. Some stuff he knows before I do.
I have expressed to him that I wished he would not spend so much time with this single friend, now that we have a baby. He apologizes. Next day we are back at square 1, calling each other early in the morning afternoon nightime. And making plans with each other. I just dont understand why he is not sick of his guy friend. Why is that he is more involved in this persons life than he is with his own family? If his single friend is looking for a girl and attempting to go on dates here and there I would not be so uncomfortable.
His friend cares so much about how white his teeth is, more stuff about babies than I do, cleaning and housework stuff, personal behaviors of people, always judging people about their physical appearance, up to date about latest trend, runs to keep his body in shape and more.
I hate it when my husband tries to make me feel bad by saying his friend is sad because he thinks I dont like him. I dont mind the guy, but I do mind he and my husband are so close it creeps me out! Please help, I think I am depressed about this because everyone thinks I am crazy.

Hi Emily. From your description, I don't think you're crazy. I think you're feeling somewhat insecure and resentful that your husband won't honor your need for him to want to back off on his male friendship. Reading between your lines suggests your discomfort that your husband may be over-interested in a gay (?) man. If so, can you discuss this with him openly?

A surface problem you two seem to have is an unresolved values conflict over your husband's priorities. What does his behavior suggest about which he usually values more - your marriage and child, or his male friendship?  See these for perspective and options:

A possibility is that you're not being specific enough on asking your husband for what you need. Another possibility is you're not providing a meaningful consequence if he is unwilling to meet your need for him to want to to reduce his contact with his friend. Do you feel he understands clearly what you need from him on this issue? If you're not sure, ask him!

Two deeper issues to examine are whether you're losing trust in and/or respect for your husband because of his behaviors. If so, see these:

Another possibility is that your resentment and frustration are unconsciously causing behaviors in you that are pushing him away, but he won't tell you what he needs. If you ask him whether this is true, do you trust him to tell you the truth?

A final possibility: your husband may be a psychologically-wounded survivor of early-childhood trauma. If so, he may have inherited a "split personality" which causes him to unconsciously give you a confusing double message: "You and our child are my highest priority" and "My friend is my highest priority." See these:

I suggest you discuss all of these with him on behalf of your child.

This is a LOT to absorb, Emily, so take your time.

If these ideas bring up new questions, please ask!

Respectfully, Pete


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