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Recently my fiance and i had a talk, and i let her know the issues i had with her. I let her know that she really isnt thoughtful when it comes to me, it seems as if our relationship is all about making her happy, and my feelings arent important. i also told her that the same things she gets upset with me and or criticizes me about, she does the same exact things. i even followed it up with examples. months ago she also told me she needed to start treating me better.

now she is in her last semester of nursing school, so i understand she is stressed, and i do everything i possibly can to keep her stress levels down, i cook for her, give her baths, rub her shoulders and neck while shes studying, rub her feet, i treat her like royalty because i love her, and i want to make her life easier.

so the next day she was over, and she looked all sad, then out of the blue she asked me if i would be happier with someone else. i was pretty shocked she asked me that, i told her no, then i asked her the same she said no, but i didnt know what to take from that question or why she asked, when we talked it was a pleasant convo, i wasnt mean to her when i told her what i didnt like.

what do you think?

Hi Derrick~

Maybe she was just wanting you to be reassuring of her.  She could've been down in the dumps and thinking about what you said to her, and that's why she asked you.  And as you mentioned she's been stressed about her schooling, studying and whatever other stress comes with every day life. Being in a relationship and/or marriage isn't an easy thing.  You always have someone else's feelings that you have to think of or be considerate of.  So that can be depressing and stressful as well.  All you can really do it try to be as supportive and assuring to each other the best you can.  Make sure that you each take time to have alone time and couple time, and to go out on dates with each other.  Communication is going to be the biggest thing in a relationship or marriage w/o it how are you going to know how the other is feeling or what their thinking at any given moment.  Make sure you take the time to see how each others day went, taking the time and making the effort to connect each day is very important.  It's really the little things in life that matter the most.  And always make the effort to let you know how much you truly love and appreciate the other, b/c you never know when your last day on Earth is.  I hope this helps you some.  


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