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Marriage/16 yr old girl harassing me


I'm being harassed by a 16-year-old girl for dates; she lives on my estate and I always see her on the way to work as we use the same footpath (the only way to the railway station that's quick for me; I know she goes the local college as her parents were at a family party of ours once, since they live locally). She harasses me sexually, and I'm getting sick of it.
I went to her parents, who live down the road from me, and told them what went on, they were shocked but were pleased I had the sense to report it to them. They said "at least you're not some older man who wants what he can get out of a 16 year old, you've done the right thing being concerned about her welfare; you're a decent lad, you can fix bathrooms and other things pretty well, and you're good to old people, so you're not some sleazebag, we think it's some sort of crush she's got, yes, she's of legal age, but morally, it's wrong what she's doing".
I've always firmly told her "NO", and that NO means NO, but she will not accept that. Her parents agreed with me that I've tried as hard as I can.

To avoid sexual harassment accusations, I've kept conversation to a minimum, and changed my route, but she somehow still manages to find me.

I live at home with my parents here in the Midlands, can't afford to move out yet, too expensive.

Despite that, she's still harassing me, even managing to follow me around the local area.

I would never follow a girl,as it's just not acceptable and my relationships have come from friendships anyway.

This girl's even sent Mars bars, liquorice and Diet Coke vanilla to my door in an attempt to win me over but I've refused to consume them, for obvious reasons.

Does she have erotomania or something like that, and what should I do next?
How would you handle this?

Hi Steve~

That's not just sexual harassment, she's stalking you.  You need to be short and to the point with her, and don't speak to her unless you have to.  Refuse anything that she sends to you or the like.  If it continues you might have to consider reporting her the police and see if they can do anything for you. I know that's a drastic step to take but this crap of her stalking and harassing you needs to stop. Sometimes stalkers can become violent when they are met with rejection, etc. I would be concerned about that.  Is there anything more her parents can do to help you discourage her from following you and harassing you.  That's not okay by any means for her to go completely out of her way to bombard you with candy, food, drinks, following you wherever you go and the list goes on and on.  I really don't know what else to suggest to you that you've not already done, besides going to the police or mentioning to her parents that they need to sit down and talk with her, maybe even with you present, and warn her that if this nonsense doesn't stop you will talk to the police and see what your rights are as a victim.  I don't know if that would be enough to scare her by threatening to go to the police if she doesn't stop stalking you.  This is something you can't take lightly (not that you are, but her parents seem to think so).  I hope this helps you some.  


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