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Marriage/Husband travelling to Canada [further advice needed ?]


Thank you for answering my question at
I now know how to handle the issue about the half-sister, but the food blogging, which had been going on for a short while, and I had no idea until now, this worries me a little. The food blogging came well before he found out about his half-sister.
Why would he not tell me about this hobby, surely there's no reason to hide it or feel guilty? Why blog about places like McDonald's, Burger King etc. as well as the other restaurants (I haven't seen the blog yet so don't know in full). He won't tell me, is reticent to talk about this area of his life, even if I try calmly and sensitively, without prying. Normally it's Facebook or Twitter that causes couples to argue, but a blog?
What could be going on with him, and what should I do?
I appreciate your previous advice, but am not sure what to do next, especially on this area of social networking.

Hi Karla~

If I were in your shoes, I would be a bit leery and be wondering why was he hiding this from me too.  I think I'd have to sit him down and ask him some questions about it.  I would try to do it in a nice, calm manner at first.  And if I got no response or one that I wasn't satisfied with then I would get a little more aggressive about it.  I'm one that doesn't have any patience or toleration for lying, keeping secrets or if a person is trying to hide something.  It's not okay in the least.  Ask him how would he feel if the situation were reversed and it was you that was keeping all this secret out of embarrassment, or whatever the case is.  I would be borderline thinking he's hiding this from me for a reason.  Is there truly another woman, someone he's meeting and doing the blog with? Are their followers and he's taken up with one of them (almost like a groupie at a rock concert)?  I mean the possible reasons are endless, especially when you have that big of a following.  It's nothing that you can keep secret forever.  Does he have a partner that helps him with this so called restaurant blogging, and he/she is keeping him company when he travels.  I'm not saying that there IS indeed someone else.  However, his actions really are starting to be questionable at best.  

You need to try to get to the bottom of this.  Will he tell you what his blog is called so that you can check it out yourself? He might not be that easy to get that info from.  So you might have to use some detective skills to figure out just what in the hell he's up to.  Maybe he's obsessed about the blogging it's taking up all his spare time and this is consuming him.  I don't know, I'm throwing whatever ideas come up in my head.  If you remotely suspect that there is someone else that he's talking to, meeting up with or whatever.  You might just have to come out and keep pressing him for it.  Tell him that you're not wanting to come right out and accuse him of it, but for your sanity you need to know what he's up to and WHY does he feel he has to keep this from you.  It's not okay by any means for him to do this.  The only other option I would do, if I were desperate would be to follow him, or hire a P.I (private investigator) to tail him and see just exactly what in the hell's going on with him.  And then you will have the proof for yourself.  


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