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Marriage/Husband's trips to Canada - found out why?


Thank you for your reply at
However, there wasn't another woman, but the smoking gun was a printed email he left in the bathroom arranging to meet this Canadian family (a couple in their 50s and their 26 year old son) in a restaurant to discuss the blog and SEO techniques for promoting it and merging their blogs (the family run a blog too).

I asked him why the blog's so important and he said he'll make money from it soon, but really, how many blogs actually make money, other than the webhosts? He said I should "chillax" (wtf is that meant to be, I know what it means, but the language is so out-of-character for him?)

He was a bit careless, with his printout being left in plain sight, wasn't he?

Now I know the truth, I just need advice on what to do next.

Hi Karla~

But still he betrayed you in a way by keeping all this from you.  I don't think he fully gets the depth of what he's doing and has done by not being honest and forthcoming with you from the beginning.  There are blogs out there that really can make decent money for a person, depending on what it's about, what kind of an audience they have, etc.  Also there are blogs that run ads and that have sponsors, etc.  And in that case a blogger really can make money on his/her blog especially if they have a big enough audience or if they have to say pay a membership to be a part of it.  You'd actually be surprised at the way some ppl make money off the internet in ways of blogging, a website, etc.  

You might want to sit down with him and reiterate to him why this had you so mad/upset with him about what he did, the way he did it, and how he kept all this information from you.  It's never okay to keep something like this from your spouse, as it can lead to other problems by being secretive or dishonest from the get go.  That's the whole point here is the way he went about it.  


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