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Marriage/A question on parenting; my son joined Scientology, I need help


My 16 yr old son has joined Scientology, he joined after taking up a "stress test" in college, and now he wants us to join. I don't like what I've heard about Scientology, and am concerned about our son, we are worried about him.
It's resulted in a dramatic change of attitude in him, gone is the happy bright boy he once was, he no longer plays sports or does music in college, and every waking moment is dedicated to Scientology. His grades are poor too.
We paid for him to get into college to study maths and science, but now this is sidelined for Scientology.
I'll admit, I'm no expert on this, but what should we do about the issue? We don't know who to turn to.

Hi Richard~

First off he's a minor and he's too young to join Scientology.  Now when turns 18 then you can't do anything to stop him from joining them. Scientology is a notorious cult with many followers.  They are very strict, terrible and shady in their practices.   I've seen horror stories on tv about former defectors from Scientology and how the other members followed them, harassed them and even threatened them for leaving the group.  I would educate myself and do some research on them and show your son just exactly who they are and what they are all really about.  I'm not sure how you can go about keeping him from them.  I don't know what your options are about keeping him away from them, short of sending him away and not letting them find him to brainwash him and get him further wrapped up in this cult.  You could check into consulting a counselor and see if they can help you in anyway with all this.  Through educating him about what this group is exactly about, hopefully it will open up his eyes about them and he will decide not to proceed any further with them.  He needs to hear testimony from former members of Scientology, maybe that would be enough to convince him not to join them.  This really is a bad situation that he got himself into.  And now as his parents he's involved you in this mess, which leaves you to see if you can help him get out of it.  I hope this helps you some.  


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